It's about Going after What you Want

I have been involved in the fitness industry for over 10years. Getting people to get after the life they want is a passion of mine. Anything is possible. 

I offer a range of services from online personal training, motivational speaking,  building healthy lifestyles, and goal setting seminars, For businesses, small groups or one-on-one .

LC- Expertise

Personal training is just that... PERSONAL. Everyone has a passion and life they seek. I am here to help you pave your new path towards health and wellness. My experiences and knowledge over the years will motivate you to get after what it is you want .

Who? What? and Now?

 Former Track and field athlete : 

Internationally ranked Women's Pole vaulter, Canada's first Female Decathlete

Women of Vision Award Recipient 2016

Currently a new mom and training to become a super mom/triathlete with Team Sirius Tri Club

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LC-Leanna Carriere